Laundry Interrupting your adventure?

The Waschii® makes it easy to keep your socks and T-shirts fresh!
With the Waschii® you're always ready to go!!

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How it works

Fill, Wash, Rinse/Repeat ,Dry

Load it up

Mix it up

Dump it out

Rinse it out

Hang it up

technical specification

Perfect For A Few T-Shirts, Socks,underwear..

Quick And Easy To Wash

Folds up as small as your wallet..

Water tight! Will not make a mess..

Quote from Friends

Quote from Friends

My buddy Joel is an enthusiastic climber, camper, roadtripper and international dance instructor

He tries out the Waschii

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Product Highlight

Watertight design makes it easy to wash your clothes anywhere!

easy to use anywhere!

Watertight Design Allows Vigourous Use!

Don't let laundry slow you down!

Eric Williamson has a Track record for coming up with interesting ways to “do more with less”

From “converting waste to fuel” to creating “transformable small living spaces”
His focus has always been on “adding more value”.
To Eric “minimalism” means “maximum enjoyment”.
A back injury helped Eric discover the art of “travelling light” using things like “Merino wool” T-shirts and socks.
 He quickly learned that travelling with only two changes of clothes presented laundry challenges.
Necessity, always the mother of invention.. gave birth to the “Waschii®“!!
Whether living in a tiny house, camper van, sailboat,or hiking the Appalachian trail… You can always be clean and comfortable with Minimal clothing and maximum utility! “Waschii® “
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